Memorable goods loading

Two of the most heartwarming customers’goods are loading again in this August 2018. I am very excited and thankful for all the colleague’s cooperation. Since the two containers were loaded on the same day, it took much effort of the colleagues  to work in the hot sun.


The following set of images is an African customer's goods, the customer gives order after a year of follow-up, after he believed our products and factory. After we sending his goods pictures during the manufacturing and in the finishing, he is very satisfied, and gave me another order of suspension at the same time, now the suspension is under manufacturing.

Many thanks for the workers hard work and the colleague’s good cooperation, that made the goods finished and loading on time during the hot Summer, customer praised us very much for the goods quick finishing time.


In time,accuracy, sincerity, truth, are the promise to each customer!


The following set of pictures are the loading pictures for a Southeast Asia customer. We met in a fair, he paid some cash in the fair then, we will not let the customers down. We do finish the goods in perfect detail, we give him a satisfied container.

Welcome the inquiry of the customers worldwide. We will thank your trust with a hundredfold efforts!