Exchange Forum Of Academician Workstation In Shandong

In the morning of 12th June ,2019, Zhang Jian, the general manager of our company,the first symposium was held after the establishment of academician workstation.

The person who attended the conference:Guo Konghui,who is the academician of Chinese academy of engineering. Yang Dishan, who is the senior engineer. Jiang Lisheng, who is the  senior engineer of researcher level, Jing Changjiang, the chairman of Zhongxing Machinery, and the general manager Zhang jian and some technical researchers of the company's technical departments.

At the meeting, the CEO of Jiang Changjiang ,who gave a detailed introduction to  Mr.Guo about the company's production and operation, and  new product research and development, etc. Mr.Guo also conducted in-depth discussions on the new chassis technology design, suspension innovation and technical reserve according to the company's requirements. At the same time, the work task and research topic of academician workstation are also planned.

And then, Mr. Guo and his accompanies visited the company's production plant for guidance. They visited the production processes of automatic pressure line, welding robot, heat treatment, cast steel, and listened to the explanation of each production process, and understood the production scale and future development trend of the company in details.

The meeting of this symposium undoubtedly defined the work target, task and research direction for the future work of academician workstation, increased innovation efforts for Liangshan Zhongxing Machinery Manufacturing Co., LTD., laid the foundation for the enterprise's scientific and technological research ability, and enhanced the core competitiveness of the enterprise.