Walking with Love in the Hot Sun

             In this hot summer, we Zhongxing Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. responded to the call of the Party and the government, actively and voluntarily participated in the Liangshan County Industrial Precision Poverty Alleviation Project, and injected love and warmth into our harmonious family again. 

           On July 25, 2019, we went to Lifang Village, Hangang Town, Liangshan County, in collaboration with the poverty alleviation development team of Liangshan County. We distributed cash red envelopes to villagers in the form of "face-to-face cash handouts" for the disabled and the widowed elderly: Kong Xiangbin, Li Xuehou and Li Xueyao, and carried out one-to-one and precise devotion activities.            Although the weather is very hot and we are sweating, when we see these disabled elderly people holding the poverty alleviation fund in their hands, we feel that it is worthwhile to be hot again.  
          Our Zhongxing Machinery is not only good at products, but also actively participates in some social public welfare activities. In the past two years, the company has arranged for five disabled persons to obtain employment, and has absorbed a number of newly graduated junior high school graduates, which has solved the difficult problem of employment for some disabled persons and new graduates. Although our company is not too big, but we are full of positive energy everywhere, everyone is working hard to improve themselves. Do people well, do things well, and make products better.
            Liangshan Zhongxing Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will make unremitting efforts to do its products well, to better repay our harmonious society, with a broader mind to meet a better tomorrow!